Player Information

New Bristol is a Camarilla controlled city. Consequently, players will be restricted to the clans traditionally associated with that sect. Camarilla bloodlines other than Gargoyle are prohibited (barring some sort of large monetary bribe or a very well reasoned argument). Players may wish to note that, while all clans of the Camarilla are present to some extent in New Bristol, the two most abundant are Malkavian and Ventrue.

Players will begin the chronicle as newly embraced fledgelings. As such, vampire specific backgrounds such as herd, retainers, and status will be highly restricted or outright banned at character creation. In addition, player backstories should make special mention of mortal family members and obligations (such as school or jobs). Player generation will be limited by that of the lowest generation vampire of the player’s clan present in New Bristol. Should a player decide to invest heavily in the generation background, it is advised that they invest a similar number of points into the mentor background (since their sire is likely a primogen or other kindred of influence).

Character backstories are required prior to the beginning of the chronicle. No exceptions. As stated above, these backstories should focus on the character’s mortal life. My intent is that this chronicle be super serious, so any player considering a Malkavian had better not make a fishmalk, or a homocidal lolimalk, or any of that nonsense.


Player Information

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