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New Bristol By Night

New Bristol is the largest city in eastern Connecticut, with a metro area population of over one million souls. The city of New Bristol spans the mouth of the Mohegan River, with the old town on the west bank and downtown on the east. New Bristol is best known as home of the Ivy League University Abner and the venerable financial institution Dalton and Blackburn.

A Brief History of New Bristol 1639-1800

New Bristol began its existence in 1639 as the Dutch colony of New Rotterdam. The colony was established by soldier-turned-explorer Erwin Lanbroek, with the backing of Rotterdam merchant Christian van Hoeten, as the easternmost port of New Netherland. New Rotterdam was renamed to its current New Bristol when it was ceded to the English at the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War in 1667.

Abner University, the pride of New Bristol, was founded in 1750. Known originally as the College of Connecticut, the school was established by Anglican Priest James Abner as a nonsectarian alternative to Calvinist Yale.

At the time of the American Revolution, New Bristol hosted significant populations of both Tories and Patriots. The tension between these groups inevitably erupted into violence. The Tin Street Riot of 1777 claimed the lives of over one hundred of New Bristol’s citizens, and lead to the occupation of the city by British forces until the end of the war.


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