Abner University

Motto: “Ut Supra, Ita Infra”

Colors: Green and Bronze

Mascot: The Colossus

Abner University was established in 1750 as the College of Connecticut by Anglican priest James Abner. The college was established as a nonsectarian alternative to the Calvinist universities already present in New England.

Modern Abner University is a member of the Ivy League Athletic Conference. While an outstanding school in numerous fields of study, Abner University is particularly well known for its School of Liberal Arts. Abner University’s Institute of Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies is home to the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the western hemisphere.

Like Harvard and Yale, Abner University is known its exclusive social clubs. The most enigmatic and selective of these clubs is the Trismegistus Society. All members of the Trismegistus Society have sworn silence regarding details of the club’s operation; as a result next to nothing is known about the Society, other than that its members often go on to do great things.

Abner University

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